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The Sourballs

‘How wonderful when a children’s book exceeds all expectations, without the expected happy end! How wonderful when the illustrations in a children’s book add to the meaning of the text. What a wonderful, cheeky children’s book!’ Frankfurter Allgemeine

‘This story, with its black humour, the wonderfully oblique details, tickling full-page drawings and colored collages, finds its specifically own sound in the split between comedy and tragedy.’ Badische Zeitung

‘A Monty-Pythonesque mixture of absurd humour, strange characters, and over-the-top events that read like the comic strip with a clever interaction between text and illustrations. The language is expressive and sometimes the story continues over wordless pages with swinging, crazy illustrations full of meaningful details. (…) After 160 pages you realise with amusement that you have fallen in love with these two professional rogues. A daring feat from Jaap and Benjamin.’ Klaas Verplancke 

‘Above all things, The Sourballs is funny and cleverly subtextual.’NRC Handelsblad 

‘With The Sourballs, Robben and Leroy have succeeded in creating a seemingly bizarre, funny and chaotic story, that is both fun to look at and to read outof. However, because of the psychological backgrounds it attains such a respectful profundity in the way the main characters are drawn. Onecan only raise one’s hat for that. Letterata.de

‘The book entices you to read, and look, more times than one.’ De Standaard 

‘Young writing talent Jaap Robben goes all out in evocative language to depict the brothers, who will undoubtedly set many children off in fits of laughter. (…)The contribution of Flemish illustrator Benjamin Leroy(…) is vital to this book. His drawings dashing pencil strokes, crosshatching, water colours, and collages sometimes take over the entire story.’ Trouw

‘A delightful book. (…)Robben knowshow to throw a quirky party.’ BN/De Stem

‘Jam-full with jokes, The Sourballs tumbles along at an agreeable pace. Unobtrusively, Robben weaves his tale and he has a sophisticated sense of the absurd. Using pencils and scissors, Leroy reveals himself tobe a shrewd illustrator (…). With this beautifully crafted book they again do both kids and adults a good turn. (…)Four stars.’ Dagblad van het Noorden

‘The story is refreshing, as are the illustrations that tell parts of the tale under their own steam.’ Nederlands Dagblad

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