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At night the world disappears

‘Robben’s writing is nonchalant, or so it seems. But his rhythmic lines are held together loosely by
barely noticeable rhyme. And that light, melancholic pen can cut unexpectedly deep.’ Trouw newspaper

‘The universal character, the ability to appeal to the imagination of readers of all ages, is proof of Robben’s skill. Robben’s poems possess a rare tenderness. They seem light-hearted at first, because he approaches his subjects with an almost childlike open-mindedness, but they keep resonating long after.’ 8weekly

‘I read the collection ‘s Nachts verdwijnt de wereld (At night the world disappears) from beginning
to end with a smile on my face, and that’s seldom the case with poetry. Jaap Robben intrigues, moves and amazes at times, but not by trying to be complicated, magisterial or innovative. The power of his poetry lies precisely in its accessibility, the clear language he uses and recognisable situations of/for young and old. This collection contains poems that sound nice and are pleasant to read and re-read. I hope everyone who wants to pass on poetry to others will carry this book in their pockets.’ Tzum

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