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If someone will ever find my bones

‘Robben has written a well-matched set of poems – Als iemand ooit mijn botjes vindt. (…) The poems are by turns wistful, wise or moving. And witty – especially that. (…) Opening a new collection of children’s poems is like breathing in fresh air for, sadly, very little such poetry is published. And if it also turns out to be a good collection, with colourful illustrations that give animals a face, there’s certainly cause for celebration.’ Jury Vlag en Wimpel 

‘Pioneering work. A new voice, a new sound. (…) This collection of children’s poetry does not suffer from the usual evil – anecdotic and hackneyed verse. This one is definitely frothy.’ **** – NRC Handelsblad 

‘Illustrator Benjamin Leroy, with whom Robben De Zuurtjes created, is in good form. He draws the Fart as a flying, pear-shaped being that has antennae and leaves a green condensation trail behind him. Hilarious.’ Trouw 

‘Not only the nature of the beast and the humour make the fantastic creatures unforgettable, but also the poetic language they are brought to life in. Some lines sink their teeth into you through surprising, sonorous combinations.’ (Jan van Coillie) Poëziekrant

‘Jaap Robben has produced an unusually fine piece of children’s poetry’. Robben gives twenty ‘missing’ words a new life as a fantasy animal and celebrates their existence with infectiously sonorous verses. The tone ranges from playful to hilarious, but now and then the poet comes across as surprisingly melancholy.’ Warmly recommended.’ De Morgen newspaper

‘An ode to language.’ NBD Biblion

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