Quotes & reviews


‘A jewel of a book, intimate and full of love’ Trouw newspaper

‘Jaap Robben wrote a beautiful text about life, about how grandmothers were once young too.
About how they sometimes suddenly forget things and no longer call things by their names. And
about how they sometimes suddenly start to cry. De Morgen newspaper

‘A heart-warming read-aloud book’  Dagblad van het Noorden newspaper

‘This book is so full of beautiful sentences that I would like to quote almost all of them.’ Jaapleest.nl

‘There are more picture books on this theme, but seldom are they as beautifully written as this equally poetic and soberly funny story by Jaap Robben. Rarely are they so beautifully drawn as well. Merel Eyckerman frames everything with flourish ‘(…)’ All this together makes you want to take the picture book apart and hang each page up separately. This book is a beauty.’  Edward van de Vendel

‘A book with a warm heart. Highly recommended.’ Pluizuit

‘Both textually and in terms of illustrations this publisher dares to attract talents that do not always colour ‘within the lines’. This sometimes results in incomprehensible and far too heavy
books, but also in countless gems. ‘Josephina’ falls into the latter category. **** Noordhollands Dagblad

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