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Let’s start a Forest

`Poet Jaap Robben and illustrator Benjamin Leroy, two young colts who completed the course friskily and playfully, but also flawlessly and surprisingly maturely.’ Jury report: Golden Owl Children’s and Youth Literature Prize 2009

‘A future children’s classic.’ Dagblad van het Noorden

 `In my opinion, this exquisite anthology opens another window on this chaotic world, and children could well discover a love of life in poetry after reading it.’ Frank Groothof

 `With his invitingly light-footed tone and surprisingly simple language, his poemstestify to a heartfelt wonderment at the childhood spirit.’  De Groene Amsterdammer

 `Jaap Robben poses stimulating questions that are simultaneously both childishly down to earth and philosophical. (…) they set one thinking.’ de Volkskrant

 `In this collection resounds a voice to keep listening out for.’  Trouw

‘Jaap Robben manages to find exactly the right tone. His poems are entertaining, sometimes a little philosophical and always irresistible. They rise up outof the everyday and soar dreamily above it. Fantastic and familiar at the same time. The answer to Jaap Robben’s question is: Yes, we would like to plant a forest with you, with trees that reach up to the sky.’ PZC

‘Poet Jaap Robben focuses on little things, empathises with them and brings them to life. He is wonderfully in touch with the children’s world. (…)Leroy’s naïve drawings leap out of the page.’
–Esta‘Everything in wonderfully clear language. (..) Leroy’s work is too amusing to keep secret.’ Woest en ledig

‘When you close the last page, you are left with a lovely glow. Jaap Robben will give both children and adults a lot of pleasure.’ Dagblad van het Noorden

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