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The Night Crickets

‘A regular metre, yet norm-free and fleet of foot. Lust for life instead of sombre navel gazing, earthy amazement instead of ponderous debate. (…) Robben’s strength is in his ability to combine light-heartedness and gravity, to give meaning to the mundane, to grasp the moment in a few precise words, which cut to the core of his subject.’ Groene Amsterdammer

‘A beautiful and sweet little book. The texts are funny, cheerful, sensitive, recognisable and nicely structured.’ www.boekenwurm-en-pleeg.nl

‘A joy to totter through his lines (…) The light-hearted tone of the poems, even when the author is writing about his senile grandmother, allows everyone to understand them without further ado.’ BN/De Stem

`NIGHT CRICKETS contains clever verses, funny observations and surprising flashes of ideas. (…) One of its strengths is that, more than before, the remarkable style of every one of Suzanne Hertogs’ contributions fits the content, carefully and inventively.’ Brabant Cultureel

`Do you find poems boring, incomprehensible and corny? After reading NIGHT CRICKETS by Jaap Robben, you might think differently. (…) light and touching. (…) highly recommended.’ TKMST

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