Uitgeverij Gottmer
ISBN 9789025761646
Together with illustrator Benjamin Leroy


Chinese (…) PHEI Xue Li 

Danish (Skrækkelige Rikke) Lamberth Forlaget – Torben Lamberth 

French Suzie Zanie Père Fouettard Annette Eskénazi 

Galizian (…) Edicions Embora

Italian (Susi) Sinnos Editione – Laura Pignatti


Suzy Doozy and the Scissors

In ‘Suzy Doozy and the Scissors’, Suzy finds an insatiable pair of scissors that craves girls’ hair. And before you know it, it has cut everything in its path. Everything and everyone, in the house and outside, has been touched – even her faithful little friend Dog.

About the series
Together with illustrator Benjamin Leroy, Jaap devised and made four books about Suzy Doozy.
Why is there not yet a book about a smelly finger? Or a pair of scissors hungry to cut. And why are there so many rules in a swimming pool?

First of all, there was her name: Suzy Doozy. Jaap and Benjamin immediately knew who this girl was. Suzy always thinks up fantastic games her dog friend has to participate in. She has a fantasy that flows seamlessly into everyday life. Suzy never wants to give kisses, except with a mouth full of waffle crumbs. She’s one of those kids that know a syrup waffle fits perfectly into a CD player.
As with all their books, illustrator and writer worked together intensively, so that text and drawing constantly inspire each other, making it impossible to say who thought up what, because it’s combined effort. Meanwhile Suzy has many fans and there are even real Suzy Doozy festivals.

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