Uitgeverij De Geus

3th printrun
ISBN 9789044535730 
Togehter with illustrator Merel Eyckerman

At night the world disappears

Jaap Robben doesn’t write specifically for an age, but for everyone in particular. In ‘s Nachts verdwijnt de wereld (At night the world disappears). In his poetry, the boundary between children and adults is non-existent. For this collection, a selection was made of his 25 best poems from previously published collections. Modern classics such as Zullen we een bos beginnen? (Shall we start a forest?) and Vier vingers en een duim (Four fingers and a thumb). But also, for example, the poem Schemerleven (Twilight Life) that Jaap wrote for deceased children who didn’t have a funeral. That poem can also be read printed on a bench at Rustoord cemetery in Nijmegen. The intimate and soft prints by Merel Eyckerman make the collection a special little gem.

‘Robben’s writing is nonchalant, or so it seems. But his rhythmic lines are held together loosely by barely noticeable rhyme. And that light, melancholic pen can cut unexpectedly deep.’ Trouw

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