Heritage festival

In the summer of 2020 Jaap investigated ‘the border’. At the request of the Erfgoedfestival and the Grenslandmuseum in Dinxperloo he took to the road. In search of the line that we now carelessly cross. That line that is hardly visible in the landscape anymore. For years Jaap has been passing the former German border building between Beek-Ubbergen and Wyler and so he went looking for the people who now live there. Thisis how he came into contact with a Syrian woman named Delvin. She and all her fellow residents had to risk their lives to cross the border into Europe. And now they live here, right on a border. How does she experience this line that is invisible to us?

Together with musician Typhoon, Jaap presented his story on 27 September in the Musis Sacrum in Arnhem. Afterwards, they were interviewed by the always enticing Andrea van Pol. 

The story ‘Our invisible neighbours’ was subsequently published in AD Magazine and can be read here.