Poet on the line

Many people go to sleep these days without anyone wishing them goodnight, so I started the project Dichter aan de Lijn (Poet on the Line) together with VPRO MONDO TV and Poetry International. On 11 April I talked about it on TV and a clip was shown of a series VPRO television is making about these conversations. Since then, the requests have been pouring in, you can sign up here.

Together with poets Iduna Paalman, Ellen Deckwitz, Neske Beks, Ingmar Heytze, Elfie Tromp, Vrouwkje Tuinman, Ted van Lieshout, Edward van de Vendel, Tsead Bruinja, Paul Bogaert, Mark Boog, Anneke Brassinga, Maria Barnas, Roberta Petzoldt, Alfred Schaffer and Hannah van Binsbergen, I will be phoning you in the near future, in the evenings between eight and ten o’clock, you can expect a call.