Brooklyn Book Festival

While Zomervacht (Summer Brother) was published in Holland and Flanders, the translation of Birk was released in the United States and Canada.
Soon after came the fantastic news that ‘You have me to love’ was chosen by the prestigious Brooklyn Book Festival in New York as one of the five best debuts published in the US last year. In both translation and original English. What do you know! In the P.S. of the message they asked me whether I’d like to be a guest at the festival. ‘Ehm… yes I would!’

The other four authors are: Chaya Bhuvaneswar (White Dancing Elephants), Tadzio Koelb (Trenton Makes), Moriel Rothman-Zecher (Sadness Is a White Bird) and Katherena Vermette (The Break). We will be interviewed by Uli Beutter Cohen of Subway Book Review on the last day of the festival.