Jaap Robben

De Geus, Amsterdam
With illustrator Benjamin Leroy
Awards & nominations
(IBBY) White Raven 2011
Shortlist Hotze de Roosprijs 2011
Shortlist Jeugdliteratuurprijs der Brabantse Letteren 2011
German (Die Sauerdropse) Mixt Vision – Birgit Erdmann
South-African (Die Suurtjies) Protea Boekhuis – Daniel Hugo

The Sourballs

Go on. Stand in front of the mirror. Look at your face. Lick on a lemon. Do you see any changes? Now, take a big bite out of the lemon. And another one. 

Think of grapefruit, sour cream, or fingernails on a blackboard. Soup made of toilet blocks. The way your face looks now, that’s exactly what brothers Harry and Herbert Sourball look like. All the time. And that’s how they like it! 

Hurry up. Take a lump of sugar. Read what happens when one day, Harry and Herbert receive a little something in the mail that turns their easy-peasy life upside down.

They live in a terraced house in an ordinary street, those Sourballs. They complain all the time. About everything. Nobody wants to live next-door to them. Inside, it’s spectacularly dreary. Even the flowers on the wallpaper hang their heads. The Sourballs want no truck with anybody, ever. No noisy or nosy neighbors, no chats on the pavement, no ‘come in, do you fancy a cuppa?’ They prefer it this way. Just as they go for second-mouth false teeth because they’re free. Have the brothers always been this bitter? What has happened to turn them into surly, money-grubbing misers?

"How wonderful when a children’s book exceeds all expectations, without the expected happy end! How wonderful when the illustrations in a children’s book add to the meaning of the text. What a wonderful, cheeky children’s book!"
– Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
"Above all things, The Sourballs is funny and cleverly subtextual."
– NRC Magazine
"The book entices you to read, and look, more times than one."
– De Staandard


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Jaap Robben is represented by Michaël Roumen. For inquiries and requests, please send an email to: michael@michaelroumen.com 
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