Uitgeverij Loopvis
ISBN 9789083100593
Together with illustrator Paul Faassen



Biography of a fly

‘I’m a fly!’ Fly cried joyfully.
And he zoomed through the air.
A fly is not born,
a fly wakes up somewhere in the middle of his life.

Biography of a fly is a story about discovery, friendship and transience. In twenty-three chapters you can read about the life of a fly. About his birth, the friendship he makes with a buzzard, his love experiences, doubts, sadness and his inevitable end.
After reading this story, you’ll definitely never swat a fly again.

Biography of a fly began as a poster story. A unique way of telling a story that was devised by literary festival ‘De Wintertuin’. Because the festival was cancelled due to Covid, the rented poster spaces in Nijmegen would remain empty. So they asked Jaap to write a 25-chapter story families could read while walking through the city. It turned into Biography of a fly.

Due to its success, the poster story was also displayed in Leeuwarden during the Explore the North festival and in Tilburg during the Tilt literary festival. And in Arnhem during the Nieuwe Types festival.

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