Biography of a fly

De Nieuwe Oost Wintertuin – a cultural production company – came up with an idea that is as simple as it is brilliant. And absolutely corona-proof. In the bus shelters you would normally find posters announcing their festival, but these are replaced with the individual chapters of a story. Last summer, I received the honourable request to write such a story: ‘Biography of a Fly’. By bike or on foot, you can follow three different routes through the city along the 25 chapters of my story about the life of a fly.

From November 2020 onwards, the chapters will be on display the whole month.
Here you can find more information, including the Nijmegen route map.
And it’s a double celebration: ‘Biography of a fly’ goes on tour immediately. During Explore the North the story can be read by foot or bike in the streets of Leeuwarden from 17 to 24 November. More news will follow